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• Automation and digitization of paper archives • Automation and digitization of sound archives • Automation and digitization of audio-visual archives (like TV archives.); and

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     Saramagd Int'l Co. has been established in 1997 with the aim of presenting high quality services to all nations, respecting the customers and solving their problems by means of appropriate technology-based solutions. Since living in the area of information technology and tele-communications requires the usage of modern IT and ICT technologies and due to the fact that these technologies can properly solve lots of the problems of all nations, especially the developing countries, Saramagd Int'l Co. has designed most of its activities in these fields. There are different Units and departments inside the company that all of them are moving towards the common goal of the company and are cooperating very closely with each other, which are:



  • Productions:

      This business unit in turn is consisted of several subdivisions, including software development, hardware department, etc. Saramagd Int'l Co. has been active in both of these fields and according to its projects and other goals of the company, has produced several different products.
     In software field, the company has developed DGL1, DGL2 and DPS software systems which you can find detailed information about them in software production section of this website. In the field of hardware production, producing UPS in different models, time attendance clocks and card readers, and also some low-priced computer systems called PC BOXes are in the agenda of the company.
     Also the company intends to design and develop some hardware systems and control panels to form an integrated hardware and software package to be used in its projects.



  • Practical Projects

      Most of the activities of the company that also guide other activities of the company, have been taken place in this field, i.e. the practical projects of the company. Saramagd Int'l Co. believes that all the nations of the world should be able to use the modern technologies and due to the fact that most of the developing countries do not possess the scientific and professional capabilities required for implementing and using hi-tech projects and technologies, the company has decided to use the EPC model in its projects, rather than simply selling its software and hardware products. EPC is an execution method which usually is used in huge petroleum or construction projects and for the first time Saramagd Int'l Co. has used it is performing its IT projects in other countries.
     In this method, at first the company analyzes the requirements of its customer, and then designs and develops all the needed systems based on the unique requirements of the customer. But the job does not finish at this stage, instead the company installs all the software and hardware equipments, trains some local staff, and starts the practical projects using the local staff and under the management of its Iranian personnel. The company manages the project until it is finished completely, then upon successful completion of the project and testing the system in a pilot period and removing all of the probable bugs and faults of the system, the company trains those staff members which are going to use the system and then delivers the whole system with a complete set of documentations.

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