Gas Sensor's Testing System

The Gas Sensor's Testing System is designed and manufactured for the performance qualification of gas sensors. Any sensor which is designed for a particular purpose needs to be evaluated with such a testing system to meet International Standards. "Gas Sensor's Testing System" is the trusted equipment for this purpose.

Main parts of the System:

  • Vacuum System


  • Vacuum Pump

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump of two types (oil-sealed and oil free) which is based on customer's order

Available brands: EDWARD, LESKER, HEB & …


  • Vacuum Chamber

Cylindrical vacuum chamber of two types (Stainless Steel and Pyrex suitable for vacuum App)

Can withstand a full vacuum (up to 10^-3 mbar) at room temperature

Various sizes are available based on customer's order


  • Pressure Gauge

MicroPirani or Capacitance pressure gauges

For measuring the vacuum level before and during test process

Available brands: EDWARD, LESKER, YNSaleh & …



  • Electrical Feedthrough

For electrical signal transition into vacuum chamber

High voltage/ High current/ Power Feedthrough


  • Vacuum Flanges and Vacuum Valves

These are parts of the vacuum system and design and install on the system


  • Temperature Control System

For measuring the temperature of sensor's surface

For increasing and decreasing surface temperature of sensor


  • Mass Flow Controller

For controlling and measuring the input gas to the vacuum chamber

The gas input can be adjusted during the test process

The number of MFCs can be determined based on customer's order

Available brands: MKS, EDWARD, SEVEN STAR & …


  • Digital Multimeter/ Compatible Software

The multimeter measures the sensor's output signals and the response diagram of sensor is plotted by the computer software

Available brands for Multimeter: APPA, FLUKE & …


  • Humidifier System

For create humidity in chamber and testing performance of gas sensor in different humidities


  • Extra Options

Supplying the needed gases

Supplying the vacuum pump's oil (if the pump is oil-sealed)

Providing  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Providing High vacuum (10^-6 mbar or higher) by using Oil Diffusion or Turbo-molecular pumps and Penning gauge or capacitance gauge for measuring pressure inside the vacuum chamber

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