SUPERPIPE Piping System

New generation of building piping system

Sise :
Pipes have long been the weak point in buildings; in apartments or hotels, in private housing or
industrial complexes. Metal pipes have the problem of corrosion and scale build-up, Plastic pipes on the other hand, do degrade rapidly when exposed to the effects of high pressure or temperature. They are also permeable to gases such as oxygen or ozone which will accelerate the corrosion of metallic components of the system such as boilers or radiators. Metal and plastic pipes each have their distinct advantages and disadvantages and none are really ideal. Well, here is the SUPERPIPE:
  • No corrosion, no incrustation
  • Resistant to 95 degrees, 10 bar pressure
  • Zero oxygen permeability
  • Low thermal expansion – similar to copper
  • Lower heat conductivity
  • Lower pressure loss
  • Low weight – easy to handle
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Food safe material
  • Near zero waste
  • Color code for easy identification
  • Installation errors virtually eliminated: RTS – Reliable Test Safety – technology.
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