Great All In One Touchscreen PC (From 55 to 84 inches)

This type of touchscreen computers , due to its larger size, greater use of television studios there. Panel image resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD video with all the details of an incredible quality displays. Image Panel technology used in the computer touch screen, the LG LED technology.

LG LED panel image
1080 * 1920 Full HD resolution
Scanning frequency of 120 Hz and very sharp images
Take advantage of industrial computer or PC ATX OPS
  Ability to repair, maintain and update the internal computer components in the most comfortable way
  With multi-touch touch panel
enable to write to the images, by two users simultaneously

System Specifications
Image Panel technology LG LED
The front panel is made of stainless steel
Front frame color black / silver / gray
Plastic coated steel back cover plate
Color black back cover
Matrix Infrared Touch Panel Technology
There is support for multi-touch
Multi-touch points 1, 2 and 4
Standard internal computer: ATX (custom: OPS)

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