Accepting the award on behalf of Company-Wide Business Development Ideas

Accepting the award on behalf of Company-Wide Business Development Ideas

Accepting the award on behalf of Company-Wide Business Development Ideas

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toseeh tejarat ideh gostar trading company

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Gilan, Bandar-e Anzali

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marketing, exports and imports

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glazed sublimity 

conditions for accepting the award delegation of business development, the idea of a proactive inside and outside the country 

علاقمندانی that interest in setting up jobs are independent and the following conditions can be in the city as a representative of the company began to work and employment. 

Business Development Trading Company proactive idea in the fields of: 

the conditions for obtaining represent: 
1. having the least degree diploma 
2. fluent in computer and Internet 
3. depositing $ 6 million in cash deposit to account for bail and provide relevant evidence of principle 
followed 4. against the principle of all pages and national ID card 
5. provide card against the principle of end - of - service for men 
6. providing the principle of equal to the last degree 
a delegation of gentlemen and ladies reportedly smooth interested. 
MPs are allowed in the city, launched his office and recruitment کارنمایند, and to ease employment office, young people who don't have to six months without are allowed to continue its campaign office. 
participate in each province just a grant representation. 
regard Note: It is to be mentioned trust 6 million for 5 years in the account as guaranties Mahfouz, after 5 years will be بازگرداننده representative, after 5 years if a representative of the total amount is interested in with satisfaction as a representative of the investing in companies and will benefit the representative of the month. 
After send documents to the company and the approval of the deputy legal and confirm deposit deposit and power of attorney representing code to followed representative, and after a month during the activity of deputies in the city, with the contractual CEO Hassan to work with a representative of the company will receive. 

All the above to grant delegation abroad will also feasible to deposit abroad for deposit 12 million. 
giving priority in abroad: 
1. the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
2. Turkey 
3. Russia 
4., Germany 
5. Turkmenistan 
6. Afghanistan 
7. Azerbaijan 
8. Australia 
9., Qatar 
10. France 

direct contact with the CEO of only one o ' clock in the morning and afternoon: 10 1 (09195543167) 
: Web 

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