Tanijuana - Dark 100XXX Bronzer

Tanijuana - Dark 100XXX Bronzer this crazy-dark 100XXX Bronzer is absolutely laden with lush amounts of the good stuff. Body perfect International Trading www.sdmtan.com

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United States of America
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Tanijuana - Dark 100XXX Bronzer
Treat your sun-loving bod to this sun-loving bud. Just barely through customs, this crazy-dark 100XXX Bronzer is absolutely laden with lush amounts of the good stuff. Tanijuana's virgin hemp seed oil is nature's finest hydration- essential Omega lipids make skin buttery soft with an even tone & glow.  Potent bronzers provide such advanced dark & deep color, this could be your new favorite one-&-done lotion.

• Advanced 100XXX bronzing provides deeper longer color for the 
   most discerning of tanners.

• Highest concentration of (THC-free) Virgin Hemp Seed Oil for 
   finest moisturizing available in a tanning lotion.

• Max silicone emulsion for uncanny softness & heavenly application.

DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

SCENT: Passion Fruit with a Melon Salad

VOLUME: 13.5 oz

Body perfect International Trading


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Body perfect International Trading
[United Arab Emirates, Dubai]
  • Business type: Importer, Wholesaler, Exporter
  • Products/Services: solarium, tanning bed, beauty, tanning lamp, tanning lotion, skin care, IPL, argan oil, hair care, Massage machine
  • Ownership type: CompanyLtd
  • +0098-930-1029693
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