lump sulfur, lump sulphur
  • lump sulfur, lump sulphur
  • lump sulfur, lump sulphur

lump sulfur, lump sulphur

direct supplier lump sulfur from Iran and transit lump sulphur from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan by high capacity and high ability in high tonnage

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Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia .Co

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Qom

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter, Service provider

Sulphur Powder, Crush Lump Sulphur, Granular Sulphur, Natural Bitumen, Powder Gilsonite, Lump Gilsonite, Bitumen, Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 85/100, Bitumen 40/50, powder sulphur, powder sulfur, Iran bitumen, jeyoil bitumen, pasargadoil bitumen, pasargad oil

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Brand Name
lump sulfur
EC No.: 231-722-6
Place of Origin
Melting Point
112-120 °C
Boiling Point
444.6 °C
Molecular Weight
Transport Informatio
UN1350 4.1/PG III
Moisture (Wt %) Max.
Mean Size
crush lump sulfur
bright yellow
Precautionary Statem

Product description

Sulphur produced from any process at the Gas / Oil refineries is of the same basic elemental constituent. The forms may differ as the “End Recovery Process” for separation are different. Lumps sulphur, Powder Sulphur and Granular Sulphur are described below with our expertise in the Sourcing, Packing, bulk Logistics and Shipping.
Sulfur is a by-product of processing natural gas and refining high-sulfur crude oils. According to (National Iranian Oil Company)
Issue of the 4,000,000 metric tons of sulfur produced in Iran in 2020 was a by-product from refineries and other hydrocarbon processing plants.
The majority of sulfur that is transported around the world is done as a bulk solid.  The sulfur is often stored in the open in huge stockpiles at terminals ready to be loaded onto ships, railcars or truck or at plant sites to be melted and used in the production of sulfuric acid.  Most sulfur stockpiles are located outdoors in open where it is exposed to wind, rain, dust, salt air, etc.  In some cases sulfur is stored indoors where some protection from the elements is available.

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