The light of the tower

The light of the tower

- Transparent body of polycarbonate composite material -The sun's rays - No need for urban electricity - Can be installed on all levels

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Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran

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wireless, Install the telecommunication Tower

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Product description

Technical Specifications:

Product Code: SL-T-30
Body Material: PC & ABS
Dimensions: 120 * 200 cm
Number of LEDs: 30 lights per lamp
Type Traffic Super Hybrid: LED
Light bulb: 1500 meters per night
Radiation angle: 360 degrees
Light intensity: 300cd
Color: red, blue yellow
Solar Panel Type: Crystal Menu
Function in cloudy weather: 15 days
Function type: Automatic day off, bright flashing night
IP 66
Lifetime: At least 8 years
Warranty: 15 months