Importer , distributor of cosmetics , hygienic beauty products from Holland & Europe
  • Importer , distributor of cosmetics , hygienic beauty products from Holland & Europe
  • Importer , distributor of cosmetics , hygienic beauty products from Holland & Europe
  • Importer , distributor of cosmetics , hygienic beauty products from Holland & Europe

Importer , distributor of cosmetics , hygienic beauty products from Holland & Europe

Importer & seller cosmetics & hygienic , beauty products of famous Deutschland ( German , Netherlands ), Great Britain , Italian & European brands Import & sales women cosmetics , hygienic products Holland & Europe companies , woman & girls cosmetics seller in Iran Iranian company importer of producers girlish & womanlike products Purchaser of cosmetics hygienic of the best Deutsche producers

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Alborzi Translation & Interpretation Center

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran

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hygienic products
cosmetic products
beauty products
Skin care

Service description

Deutsche cosmetics & hygienic products , beauty products , skin care commodities seller in Iran , Tehran

Distributor of all kinds of European cosmetics & hygienic products & equipment from Italy

direct import and sales of European high quality brands in Iran for women and men ( girl hygienic and cosmetics products in Tehran , Iran )

Prodeucers of hygienics & cosmetics from Italy , France , Switzerland , Germany , Spain , U.K. and other European countries can contact us to introduce their products , to sell their products or to give us agency to sell in Iran.

Cosmetic products including: Creams , Detergents , Dish-washing liquid , Diapers , Hair conditioners , Hydrophile cottons , Hygienic products , Lipsticks , Sanitary napkin etc.

Detergent , Hygienic and Cosmetics Industry is very active in Iran and we cooperate on cosmetic appliances seller in Iran.

Chinese only first class products can be purchased.

Showroom to show the imported goods from Italy in Iran from girls and women products.

We can accept new Italian brands invitation for sales in Iranian market.

Hereby , we invite European and specially Italian producers of cosmetics to contact us for distribution of your products in Iran which is a virgin market for all over the world and specially Europe because Iran has 80 million population and 10% of Iranians are rich people , so Iran has 8 million rich persons to potentially purchase high quality products from Italy , so Iran is a very very good , great and virgin market for you:

  • Direct import and sales of cosmetics & hygienic products from famous Italian brands.

Of course , all valid , professional & experienced producers , Italian producer companies in Italy and Europe can contact us.

  • Direct import and sales of kinds of hygienic products from famous and valid Italian brands.
  • Managing an Iranian company importer from Italian producers and manufacturer
  • Direct import and sales of cosmetics & hygienic products.

High class and high quality style seller in Iran from Italy & Europe

 Of course , all our aim is to do the services and import and sales of special materials and products for luxury people in Iran with the nearest price to Italy.

So , we are a cosmetics & hygienic products seller & distributor in Iran

cosmetics seller in Iran

  • Cosmetics subsets:
    • Business Furniture
    • Services
    • Home Furniture

Contact us if you are looking for below business services:

  • Manufacturer , Producer , Exporter , Wholesaler , Retailer , Importer
  • Service provider for cosmetics & hygienic products etc in Iran

We are a distributor in Tehran in the field of cosmetics products . We are active in two sections , the first one is to sell the exclusive goods and the second one to sell the inclusive goods . We also have a retailsales store to be able to be in contact with consumers as well and remail update and awared .
Our goal is to add high quality brands to the exclusive part of the company . In fact, we are going to expand the exclusive part of the company in different groups gradually.
Currently, we are an exclusive representative for 4 brands including Acca Kappa , Tondeo , ETI , Trendy Companies in Iran .
We also sell the other inclusive products which could be seen in our website.

Contact information: Telegram , Whatsapp , Mobile: 0098 9354342900 Mr Alborzi

my email address: ZOLA1364@YAHOO.COM

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