petro farhan gostar joonob

KODAK, Magnaflux, Cem

Petro Farhan Gostar Joonob Co, is the biggest company about non destrative testing (NDT) and welding and inspection. we supply NDT instrument such as coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge,theremometer,viberation gauge, lux meter, wire finder ,sound level meter , thermal imager , infrared video thermometer ,clamp meter ,gas leak detector , environment meter , laser distance mete...

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petro farhan gostar joonob

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran

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KODAK, Magnaflux, Cem, Benetech, Bycotest, tetenal, MR-chimie, Uni-t, ilford, Kimo, Testo, Fluke, Lutron, Tes, huatec, FMC

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