MTC Lift Co.

Elevator, Escalator, Lift components

MTC Lift Co.
MTC Lift Co.
MTC Lift Co.

MTC Lift (MONTANA ASANSOR ) as an professional manufacturer and Trade supply co. has established by M.Mokhtarzade since 2008 ,as a wing co. from Hadid Industrial lift co. it was established in1990 for Lift Design ,Manufacture , Installation & after sell service. in MTC group we supply New Lift Models ,upgrade equipments , and full necessary lift component and accessorize in a wide range ,...

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MTC Lift Co.

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran

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Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler, Exporter


Elevator, Escalator, Lift components, Cabins, Automatic doors, Swing door, Traction Machine, Control Panels, HITACHI Lift, Wire Roop, MONTANA Elevator, Hydrolic Lift, Montana gears, Montanari gear, Guide Rail, Selcom Doors

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