Taher weaving production group with more than 40 yaers experience on the field of original material , dyeing fibers and spinning has been established to produce durable goods with high quality.This group is able to produce variety of thread, felt blankets , minks and rugs in different colors and designs independently.It imports and exports its high quality products , as well.

This industrial-productive group , struggling to increase quality and quantity of its products , customers satisfaction , effective controls on quality of its products and to present orders in time , is obliged it... Continue

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[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Isfahan, Dowlatabad]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter, Service provider
  • Services/Products : blanket, blanket felt, Super mink blanket , plain felt blanket , mink blanket
  • Business entity: CompanyLtd
  • Phone: +98-913-3083727, +98-913-3883808