Pezhvak Pazhouh Sanat is a manufacturer of educational equipment and units academic and industrial laboratories in the fields of unit operation, heat transfer, process control, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and other laboratories of chemical engineering, applied chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and other similar academic fields.
This company has a successful experience of providing equipment for a decade. The best universities of Iran, such as Sharif University of Tech., Amirkabir University of Tech., Tehran University, Kharazmi University, Shiraz University of T... Continue

Pezhvak Pazhouh Sanat
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer
  • Services/Products : Process Control Lab, Unit Operation Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Facility Lab, Laboratory Equipments, Educational Equipments, University Laboratories, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Educational Units, Laboratory Equipments
  • Business entity: CompanyLtd
  • Phone: +98-21-56236055