Iran’s Handicrafts: the Glory of Art

Iran's handicrafts rank first in the world in terms of variety but unfortunately not in terms of market share. Handicraft definition Handicrafts are the products that mostly made by hand, or with help of simple tools. These crafts are the unique expressions of the culture and art of a particular nation. <

Isfahan’s Handicrafts and "Half of the World" Story

Isfahan's handicrafts are generally classified in 196 different branches, that makes it the Capital of Iranian Handicrafts. In autumn of 2015, Isfahan was elected as World Craft City by World Craft Council and in the same year, joined UNESCO Creative City Network as the city of Crafts and Folk art.Isfahan province ...

Rosy Greenlees, President of World Crafts Council
Rosy Greenlees, President of World Crafts Council

Rosey Gereenlees has been the president of World Crafts Council since 2016. She is also the Executive Director of British Crafts Council. In 18th general assembly of WCC, We had an interview with her about new approaches of this Council to handicrafts issues. What countries in the world have been successful in prom...

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  • Services/Products : Handicrafts, woodwork, leather, Handmade, Turquoise work, Enamel, Crafts
  • Business entity: Cooperative
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