Iranian Islamic veil produced gohar

Greetings and devotion to serve you and your esteemed colleagues and Hmsngran

Coverage of the essence in order to promote Iranian and Islamic fashion, design, production and supply

Product veil serves.

The purpose of this series in the near future and concern for production and supply of Iranian and Islamic Batrahy

The rest of the world.

Production and supply of plain and patterned headscarf,

Shawl Simple Arabic,

Dyed scarves hanging

The following types of tents and Arabic, Lebanon, Bahrain and artifacts such as:

Full veil, veil, neck, leg, hand, ordinary viscos... Continue

Iranian Islamic veil produced gohar
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Qom]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter
  • Services/Products : Produce all kinds of tents for women, Produce a variety of headscarf, Produce all kinds of scarves, Produce all kinds of hand leg, Produce a variety of hats, Produce a variety of requirements veil
  • Business entity: Joint stock company
  • Phone: +98-025-36505115