Yellow One piece ear tag - Maxi size - laser printed

One piece ear tags for cow are the best option for cattle and buffalo farmers. These high quality tags are very flexible and stay on ear for whole life of animals. Laser printing is a time saving way to write all digits in unique form, then the farm looks more professional.

Brand Name :
Model :
Place of Origin :
Type :
One piece visual ear tag
Color :
Yellow - White - Pink -Green
Material :
Sizes :
X-Large - 7.5 cm
Method of writing :
Laser printing

Importance of using ear tag for identifying animals especially in both industrial & traditional farms is clear, where each animal has an ID card and all events of her life include treatments, insemination, birth, etc. have been written and recorded. So, being on ear & staying readable for whole life of the animal is necessary.

Polyurethane material is one of the best options to produce ear tags because of its chemical characteristic.

This ear tag has been made of the best polyurethane and the quality will remain stable in all weather condition and Harsh Environments.

This High retention tag is very Flexible but Tear Resistance for highest performance.

One piece visual ear tags are very popular because of easy installation compared to most of two pieces ear tags. Also, it's expected to be long-lasting, as there is only one part.

Z-Flex is a new designed ear tag for calves & cows. The neck part has been reinforced and marker ink goes inside the texture of tag better and faster. Using the highest polyurethane row material makes this ear tag one of the best in dairy farm industries.

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