Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd. is established by Dr. Songpo Guo (Pharmaceutical chemistry doctor of University of Illinois in USA, vice professor of University of Science and Technology of China.) and Mr. Erhua Guo.

The oil water separation materials, oil water separation components and oil water separator equipments are researched and developed by the group consisting of Materials Science and Engineering PhD of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Alexander Von Humboldt research fellow of Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden in Germany, one of 1000 Talents P... Continue

Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.
[China, Zhejiang, Hangzhou]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter, Service provider
  • Services/Products : ABB DCS, Plantguard, ICS Triplex, Trusted AADvance, oil water separator, 800xa, Infi90, oil water filter
  • Business entity: CompanyLtd
  • Phone: +86-571-82858461
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