Industrial air conditioners

Said produce a variety of industrial air conditioning industry barking in different sizes, depending on the location and you need to do. Industrial cooler industrial cooler pad with pad cellulose and cellulose axial impeller and axial fans (new product),

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24000 aksial
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24000 :

Product description

Said air conditioning industry Pars

General specifications

Industrial air conditioners for industrial use, such as the name of its (factories, shopping malls and greenhouses, etc.) by the company 24,000 in size to the dimensions (height 220, length 200, width 80) is production designer. The best type of account for each number coolers, room 2000.

-Mzayay Industrial Coolers

1. Low noise similar to power air conditioners and coolers.

2. The low power consumption is almost "equal to a quarter Coolers similar (to a maximum of 4.5 amps)

3- ISO 9001

4. certified CE Europe

5. galvanized steel sheet

6. type electrostatic paint

7. Having a 2-year warranty and a 5 year after-sales service.

8. type of transmission is direct Cybele.

9. Use a cellulose pad on the device instead of straw cooler air is useful for cooling the more important it is that makes three advantages:

A) having at least 4 to 5 times Pvshalhay Kvlrbh evaporation surface due to rough surface to cool and high cooling Vmvaj.

B) a 5 Brabrdvam more than Pvshalhay Kvlrmmvly be calculated as if the life of a straw cooler 1 year shelf life 5 years is estimated cellulosic pad.

C) After a while the lime in the water cooler Pvshalhay round, objects and dust in the air is saturated and lose their effectiveness can not be cool And had to be replaced, but over time the use of cellulose pads and the surface layer of limestone dust They cause more evaporation surface will yield more efficiency.

10. Take advantage Azmvadkhas water tanks Kvlrhaazqbyl (disinfectant, deodorant materials and even there the material for spraying the plant.

11. High power handling air (5 m / s meters per second) makes the air flow is not annoying in any way, even when very close to the propeller cooler.

Automation capabilities

* Creation of additional capabilities on the air conditioner to the client request, there

A) specific temperature requirements setting device (thermostat).

B) installation of inverters for speed control motor (single-phase to three-phase and three-phase to three-phase input).

C) Installation of wheels for easy movement.

D) installed safety nets on cellulose pads pads more durability.

  A) Japanese humidifier with nozzles for low temperatures in greenhouses Travrdn

Technical Specifications

For the amount of heat pollution and other technical requirements, please contact the sales center. (Sanaye Tahvieh Pars Saeed)
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