Polyurethane Moldings

94/5000 Stucco design, made of polyurethane, lightweight, easy installation, clean and fast installation, classical design, modern design, plan, Luxury

Stucco design :
made of polyurethane
lightweight :
easy installation
clean installation :
classical design
modern design :
plan, Luxury

Product description

Swanir, a group active in architecture, is a consortium of skillfully powerful producers, executives and supervisors who aim to combine producing, providing, building and rebuilding capabilities in office, commercial, residential, cultural and sport centers.
We are well aware that not all achievements of one group are the best; therefore we intend to gather the best of each group in order to serve ,
constructing industry .
 Best quality
 Faster constructio
 More scientific approach to execution
 And reasonable prices, are our all-time ambitions
Putting concerted effort on designing, commerce, contract management, supervision and training will lead us towards those ambitions

 A position on the very top of absolute beauty
 All yesterday, has been today’s waiting history
 Today is a precious opportunity,because tomorrow might never come.
 Today, conditions must be provided to live our best.
 Live in the best homes
 Work in the best places
 Entertain yourself in the best places
 Teach and learn in the best places
 Care for others
 Share with others
These are indeed everyone’s right.

[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter, Service provider
  • Services/Products : Polyurethane Moldings tools, office furniture, architecture and interior design, home decoration, office decoration, classic and moderninterior design, Commercial decoration, Attract foreign investment, nvestor attract tourism plan, residential buildings ..., tourism, hotel, office and commercial buildings, )
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