Olka International Trading Company was established in 2001 and is mainly concerned about importing and exporting of all .authorized product

The main exports are in the field of oil products especially different grades of BITUMEN: (40/50, 60/70, 85/100, 100/120, 85/25, .90/15, MC250) other Major exports consist of WAX and PARAFFIN: (2-4%, 3-5%)

Being committed to quality control of products has been one of the main principles of the Company which has led to meeting clients' .needs and attracted our customers

Olka widely exported its products to different geographical areas such as A... Continue


Atisaz olka
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter
  • Services/Products : Bitumen, drum, 60/70 bitumen, export bitumen
  • Business entity: CompanyLtd
  • Phone: +0098-26-34422074, +0098-26-34422074