Phoenix DVB-SERVER u100

Hoteliers can create a central system for broadcast TV networks without having to purchase alot of digital receivers. you can turn on 1000 receivers of Phoenix, without setup box andWatch Digital Channel. You can also have an internal channel for your broadcasting documentaries and advertising.

Product description


Receiving digital channels without the use of digital receiver
Disconnecting each channel and playing the replaced one
Possibility of choosing the radio and television channels
Accurate control of channels and their programs
Playing the local media
Creating Videoconferencing network
Recording played programs up to two months
Archive images digitally
Collecting all miscellaneous antennas
Programmable with on and off feature up to one month
On and off control by a digital switch

Phoenix DVB-SERVER u1000 function:   

22 inch color display

Recieving 8 TV & Radio networks using LAN cable

Smart switch, programmable with on and off feature

Ability to send pictures to 100 receivers simultaneously

Emdad Gostar Moj
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Tehran]
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  • Services/Products : design electronic and communication circuits, industrial electronics projects
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