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LTM 2125/37, POLYMER

ARYA SASOL Arya Sasol Polymer Company is the producer of polymer products in Pars Special Economic & Energy Zone (PSEEZ) in (ASSALOUYEH) Bushehr Province.Common namesپلی اتیلن سبک، LDPE,Product TypePolymer > Poly ethylene ApplicationsPolymers industry > Blown film ProducerArya Sasol Polymer Company


Brand Name :
Model :
Place of Origin :
Density :
g/ml 0.92
g/10min 2.5 190°C/2.16Kg
Impact strength :
KJ/m 23
Tear strength-TD :
KN/m 25

Product description

LTM2125/37 is a grade with a very high level of anti block and a high level of slip agent (Erucamide) the grade has an
excellent draw down ability. The films produced from this grade are stiff, have excellent optical properties, low COF
and no blocking.
Supplied in pellet form and can be packaged in 25kg bags, 1 ton semi bulk or 17 ton bulk.
Food packaging:
The above mentioned grade meets the relevant requirements of plastics directive 2002/72/EC (06-08-2002) and its
amendments till directive 2008/39EC relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with
Pharmaceutical Application:
The above mentioned grade meets the requirements of the European pharmacopeia version 6 section 3.1.5 for
pharmaceutical application..
Conveying equipment should be designed prevents accumulation of fines and dust particles can, under certain
conditions, pose an explosion hazard. We recommend that the conveying system used:
1. be equipped with adequate filters
2. is operated and maintained in such a manner to ensure no leaks develop
3. that adequate grounding exists at all times
We further recommended that good housekeeping will practiced throughout the facility
As ultraviolet light may cause a change in the material, all resins should be protected from direct sunlight and/or heat during storage. The storage location should also be dry, dust free and the ambient temperature should not exceed 50 0C. It is also advisable to process polyethylene resins (in pelletized or powder from) within 6 months after delivery, this because also excessive aging of polyethylene can lead to a deterioration in quality
Minimal protection to prevent possible mechanical or thermal injury to the eyes. Fabrication areas should be ventilated to carry away fumes or vapors.
Polyethylene resins will burn when supplied adequate heat and oxygen. They should be handled and stored away from contact with direct flames and/or other ignition sources .in burning; polyethylene resins contribute high heat and may generate a dense black smoke. Fires can be extinguished by conventional means with water and mist preferred. In enclosed areas, fire fighters should be provided with self contained breathing apparatus.

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