UREA 46%, PRILLED, Granulated

urea46%pril,Urea is a white dry organic compound and a crystalline substance and has minimum of 46% Nitrogen calculated in dry state. This has the melting point of 132 deg F. Urea is made by reacting carbon dioxide (CO2) with anhydrous ammonia (NH3) under pressure of 3000 psi and temperatures of around 350 deg F.

(WT %) MIN. 46
(WT %) MAX. 0.3
(WT %) MAX. 1.0
MAX. 300 PPM
90% MIN. 1-2.84 MM

Product description

Treat your crops to the most potent nitrogen fertilizer available with this urea fertilizer and get the kinds of bountiful yields that make your neighbors jealous. Sourced in Norway, this urea is 99.9 percent pure and free of heavy metals, so it's safe for use with sensitive crops that need a little extra pampering. The 46 percent nitrogen content encourages rapid growth and blooming for a garden that lives up to your expectations. This urea is 100 percent water-soluble for compatibility with water-based delivery systems, and the reliable consistency makes it suitable for industrial applications as well. Whether you're operating a sophisticated hydroponic facility, operating an experimental plot of heirloom vegetables or refining gold using aqua regia, Greenway Biotech's ultra-pure urea makes your agricultural or industrial process easier.
Chemical & Physical Properties Chemical Formula CAS Number 57-13-6 Molecular Weight 60.056 pH, 10% Solution @ 68°F (20°C) 6.5 – 8.5 Color White Odor May have slight ammonia smell Density 44 – 48 lb/ft3 (704.8 - 768.9 kg/m3 ) Melting Point 271°F (132.8°C) Typical Analysis Total Nitrogen, as N, wt% Conditioner, as Methylenediurea (MDU), wt% 1.76 Biuret, wt% < 0.5 Alkalinity, as Ammonia ppm 150 Moisture, as H2 O, wt% 0.4 Size Range, Tyler Mesh, Wt. %: -6 / +16m, 1 / 3.35mm 95% min Size Guide Number - Avg 203

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